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Masonry adds grandeur to a home. Stone provides a timeless feel. It is a statement that the home is here to stay!

Stone can be used in a wide array of applications. Inside the dwelling it is most often used for fireplaces but is also used to create dramatic feature walls. Depending on the style of stone used, it will bring a natural element indoors. Outside stonework can be blended with other coverings for the home, used exclusively for the homes’ exterior cladding or to add dimension and structure to your  landscaping .

Types of Stone

When you want to incorporate the look of stone into your home you have an amazing array of options. Colour, size, patterns and textures are only the beginning of the selection process.

Full Bed Stone

Full Bed Stone refers to rocks that are the full depth when used as cladding. Large river rock would be an example of this, as it was a applied 100 years ago. This would be very heavy and labour intensive. Each stone must be carefully selected and placed. Alterations to the shape to ensure a perfect fit requires great skill and experience.

Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer is natural rock that is cut into thin layers or veneers. While you still have the look of the natural stone you have dramatically reduced the weight. This application can be used both indoors and outside. An example would be slate. Great care must be taken when installing the stones to match edges, keep things lined up and ensure a proper bond between stone and substrate.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone is composed of cement, aggregates and pigments. This mix is set up in molds, allowing for consistent sizes. Like a stone veneer it is not really thick, making it easier to handle and install. Since the pieces are preformed labour is reduced. Nevertheless experienced installers are required to ensure proper fit, consistent spacing and a natural look for the finished installation.


Brick is something we are all familiar with. It is a tried and true product and we know what to expect from it. What is taken for granted  is the skill required to install brick properly. Setting the courses, ensuring consistent spacing and achieving the correct mortar mix are all crucial to the success of the completed job.

Why Renoteck?

Renoteck has accumulated years of experience in the masonry field. As a leader in renovations, new builds and commercial work Renoteck is familiar with the latest trends and the continuous flow of new products on the market. What never changes though is their commitment to quality installation, timely completion and professional conduct. Be assured that Renoteck will provide the best service possible.