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Liquid Vinyl Siding

Liquid Vinyl is not a paint, but is a multi-coat liquid applied system that provides an extremely long-lasting finish for all types of stucco, masonry, fibre-cement siding, as well as properly prepared metal and wood surfaces.

The CHIC Advanced Coating System gives you unmatched performance. Low odor, and environmentally friendly, the Liquid Vinyl System is proven to outperform conventional paints and coatings.

Putting siding over an existing siding makes it necessary to re-trim windows, vents and doors. With liquid vinyl, Renoteck Exteriors can give your tired looking building or home a fresh look that will last for years, without breaking the budget.

Liquid Vinyl Siding Features:

Crack Repair

Liquid Vinyl is several times thicker than a paint. The material remains flexible over time, so as the walls move and settle, the vinyl stretches to maintain its protective finish.

Resists Dirt and Moss

Unlike paint, liquid vinyl leaves a smooth finish that helps prevent airborne pollutants from sticking to the walls. You siding stays clean longer, and is much easier to clean when the time comes.

UV Resistant

Liquid Vinyl resists the damaging effects of the sun far better than conventional paints and coatings.

Fire Safe

Class ‘A’ fire rating.

Why Renoteck?

Renoteck Exteriors knows Alberta. Our installation crews and sales staff take pride in their work and strive to deliver our customers a quality product. Renoteck Exteriors installs windows, doors, decks, siding, sun rooms, soffit &  fascia for both new homes and renovations. Renoteck is also Alberta’s leader in lifetime warranty metal roofing.