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Composite Decking Installation

Composite Decking Features

Our decks are an extension of our living space. A great deck is inviting, functional, safe, and easy to maintain. A ho hum deck is rarely used, doesn’t provide the space you need, requires continual maintenance and harbours hidden dangers. In the past few years composite decks have made huge inroads into the decking market. So, what’s the big deal?

Composite decks are made from a combination of wood fibres, plastic and the agent that binds them together.The resulting material is denser, stronger and heavier than wood. Composite decking comes with a long list of features that will appeal to anyone replacing or installing a new deck for the first time.

Composite Decking Installation

Composite Decking Installation

1-Composite decking is a pre-finished product. No sanding or staining before or after install.
2-Long term maintenance is achieved with simple soap and water and an occasional sweep. No refinishing every few   years.
3- A composite deck is immune to bugs, mold and rot. This results in a much longer visual and structural lifespan.
4-Composite decking is made using recycled plastics and wood scraps from sawmills. No trees are harvested for this product.
5-In contrast to pressure treated lumber, composite decking does not contain toxic chemicals.
6-Composite decking doesn’t crack, split, rot, splinter or warp as wood decks will when exposed to Calgary winters.
7-A wide range of looks are available; different woods and exotics, textured wood grains, colours and board styles.
8-Appearance is retained for years regardless of sun, temperature and other weather offerings.
9-Improved slip resistance due to the textured surface.
10-The average wooden deck lasts about 10 years. Composite decks carry 25 yr plus warranties.

Composite Decking Installation

Composite Decking Installation

11-You do not need chemicals such as stains, paints or sealers to maintain the appearance of your deck.
12-All the components you need to finish a deck: railings, stair treads, posts etc are available in the same colours and material.
13- Fading of the finish is minimal. Wood will fade and turn grey without regular intervention, which means work.
14-Composite decking is made with longer, straight boards that reduce cutting, seams and waste.
15-Most composite decking has an integrated installation system. This allows for quick installation and hidden fastenings.
16-It is easy to expand the existing deck in the future. As your family grows you may want your deck to grow. With composite decking this is easy to do.
17-A composite deck will contribute to the value of your home. Add landscaping and the impact on the bottom dollar is substantial.
18-It is easy to incorporate patterns and shapes using different colours.
19- While composite decking has a higher up front cost, conservative estimates put the recoup at 5-10 years, primarily because of reductions in maintenance expenses.
20-Additional features such as privacy walls can be built to match the deck.

Composite Decks Available at Renoteck Exteriors, Calagry

Composite Decks Available at Renoteck Exteriors, Calgary

A deck is an investment, that properly built, will add hours of enjoyment to your home and yard and expand your living space in a functional, pleasing manner.

Renoteck knows decks! Renoteck knows Calgary weather! This makes Renoteck the company to go to for a long lasting quality deck that will provide a comfortable and inviting outdoor space. Enjoy the Renoteck experience!