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Rubberized Garage Floor Coatings

Rubberized Garage Floor Coatings

The appearance of your garage floor can be sorely lacking in spite of your best efforts. Concrete is not attractive in the first place and grease and oil marks are nasty and permanent. Fortunately rubberized (epoxy) garage floors are now available that solve these problems.

These very tough coatings, easy to maintain and available in a choice of colours and textures, will give your garage a showroom appearance. The bright reflective surface gives a clean look in an otherwise dull space.

If you floor is uneven or the concrete has pock marks, proper preparation before installation is key. Fillers are available to ensure a level and smooth end product.

Depending on your specific needs, options are available to resolve a wide range of issues.For example, if the garage is situated over a living space, optional waterproofing can be incorporated.

The finished surface is designed to handle heavy traffic and extreme weather. The seamless coating prevents unwanted leaks or tears. If the membrane is damaged, it is easy to spot repair. The life span of an epoxy floor can easily be 20-30 years, only requiring a new top coat at that time.

These epoxy floors are resistant to the damaging effects of oil, transmission fluids, gasoline, cleansers etc. In addition, they resist bacteria and germs. They can withstand what your vehicle brings into the garage including dirt, salt and grime.

Floor Coatings are Easy to Maintain

Floor Coatings are Easy to Maintain

The membrane can attach to almost any substrate. This ability can greatly reduce installation costs. After a proper surface preparation, it is simply rolled out in the same manner that you would apply a thick paint. Different layers are required. Each layer performs a specific job. The combination of layers results in a long lasting floor.

The features outlined above make this a multi-purpose product. It can be used in areas such as a residential garage, retail flooring, or warehousing.

Renoteck has extensive experience in the installation of rubberized epoxy floors in Calgary. Their knowledge and experience will give you the confidence that you are choosing the right product for the job.