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Rubberized Deck Coatings

Features of Deck Coatings

Rubberized deck coatings provide an excellent alternative choice when deciding on a deck surface. Coatings can be used for a new install or to restore an existing deck. Here are some of the advantages of a rubberized deck.

Rubberized Deck Coating, Cool and Inviting

Rubberized Deck Coating, Cool and Inviting

1-A seamless installation provides protection from water damage to the substructure below.

2-A variety of colours, patterns and textures are available to be mixed and matched to highlight different areas and features of the deck and to coordinate with the colours of your home.

3-Rubberized deck coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates. Theses include plywood, concrete, fiber glass and vinyl decking. These coatings can even be applied over existing torch-on sbs roofing. While SBS roofing is normally used for commercial applications, it has become increasingly  more popular for residential roofing.

4-Quality deck coatings are designed to withstand the weather that Calgary has to offer including heavy rains, baking sun, high winds and extreme cold. Durability and long wear can be hard to achieve with many other decking options.

5-Deck coatings are very easy to maintain. Unlike wood decks you do not need to replace rotting boards or refinish the deck every  few years, repair grout if the area is tiled or be concerned with causing damage while shoveling snow. In contrast to vinyl decking it withstands whatever the Calgary climate throws at it.

6-When your surface is looking dirty you simply wash with soap and water or power spray.

7-The textured coating is slip resistant, softer underfoot and cooler to the touch on hot summer days.

8-Rubberized deck coatings are very affordable when compared to other options. Wood or composite decks are expensive, and may require an additional membrane underneath. Tiled decks are expensive from a material and labour cost and also require an additional membrane underneath. Only certain porcelain tiles are even rated for exterior use in Canada.

9-Provides a visual alternative to the wood look.

Renoteck Exteriors is experienced at installing deck coatings in the Calgary area. They will provide guidance, helping you to determine if deck coating is your best option.

Coordinate yYour Look with Rubberized Deck Coating

Coordinate Your Look with Rubberized Deck Coating