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3D Printed House Exterior by Apis Cor

3D Printed Housing, What’s Next?

Apis Cor has built the first 3D printed home on site, just outside of Moscow. Total time 24 hours, total cost under $11,000, implications enormous.

This feat was achieved using a mobile construction 3D printer and an automatic mix and supply unit. Nothing was prefabricated. The concrete walls, partitions and structural envelope were “printed” on site. Painting inside and out, wiring, installation of thermal and hydro acoustic insulation and installation of roofing materials was finished in short order after the house was printed.

The result is a circular 400 sf home, fully finished inside and out at a cost of $25 SF. Windows and doors took up a large part of the budget.

3D Printed House During Printing Phase by Apis Cor

The advantages of this printing system are numerous.

The mobile system is compact, lightweight and easy to transport to the destination.  It is based on the design found in a construction crane. Once at the site, it takes less than an hour to set up the printer. Depending on the size of the home, the printer can be moved around to allow for expanded footprints. Multilevel construction is also possible.

The stabilization system allows the printer to be installed without site preparation or affixing it to a surface.

The printing occurs at high speed, dramatically reducing labour and wait times. This contributes to lowered overhead costs.

The fully automated system allows for full customization to accommodate windows, doors, insulation and electric and plumbing paths. Only 2 people are required on site to ensure everything goes as planned.

The walls can take on any shape you wish, straight or curved.

Construction can commence at temperatures as low as -35C with the use of a protective tent.

Another excellent feature is the lack of construction waste.

Multi Level and Larger Floor Plans are Possible with 3D Printing by Apis Cor

The greatest feature of all is that this system opens the opportunity for affordable and easily accessible housing around the world. To improve living conditions the system was designed to be portable, quick, efficient, eco friendly, reliable, long lasting, cost effective and high quality.

Interior of 400 sf 3D Printed House